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Our 7-Day Refund Policy

If you've completed the quizzes and exercises, and you're still not feeling the course within 7 days of enrollment, contact us and we'll promptly issue you a 100% refund.

Gain the skills, knowledge, and strategies used by established proofreaders and editors.

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Here's what students are saying...

“HLPP not only taught me the nuts and bolts of editing, but covered the industry norms and allowed me to walk away from the course as an editorial professional. I am now able to offer all that I learned as a service to my clients.” — Andrea J.

“This course has been very enjoyable, and at the same time, very educational. I'm extremely impressed with it. I spent a lot of money for another proofreading course, but yours is far superior.” — Margot C.

“Thank you again for providing such a great course with so many resources. I consult the course handouts all the time!” — Erin K.